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I wanted to do a different kind of post today and start the new month on a positive note as I feel my others have all been based around negative things.


I’ve always been naturally slim so I’ve never had to work for my figure which as you can imagine I get a lot of negative comments over. However, I’ve always been quite weak, so I decided I’ve had all these counselling sessions to make me mentally stronger and I wanted to do something which was going to make me feel physically stronger.


So I started having personal training sessions at a gym by me. The first thing someone said to me when I was on one of the machines with the trainer was “What are you doing here, there’s more fat on a greasy chip”. Now this kind of comment would have really affected me before and would of made me so conscious that I probably would have cancelled my membership. But I know that what I am doing is helping me and I know the reason why I am doing it so what other people think or say to me no longer affects me as much.


He had no reason to say it to me, I wasn’t doing him any harm but I’ve come to realise that sometimes people will have an opinion or they’ll say something just to put you down. And although that’s not ok, if they want to be negative that’s up to them but I refuse to let that put me down and make me feel as negative as they are.


I also think now, you never know what’s going on in other people’s lives so if they feel the need to be nasty to you or make a judgement before knowing you then that’s up to them and just let them get on with it.


Strong Not Skinny Post


I’ve now started training in a studio where they specialise in strength and conditioning and not only has it helped with my physical strength it’s also helped massively with my mental strength as well.


People always say that it’s the mind that prevents us from doing most things and it is so true. I went in thinking I had no strength at all and in my first taster session I found out I could hold my whole body weight doing a pull up. Something I’d never tried to do as I just assumed I’d be too weak.


The mind is such a powerful thing we just need to make sure we’re using it in the best way.


Another thing with the mind, when Jack my personal trainer suggested having a session at 6:30 in the morning my first reaction was I wouldn’t be able to get up at that time. I was like the only reason I’d get up that early was if I was catching a flight but we went with it anyway and I forced myself out of bed. I chose the worst time of year to do it with the temperature being -3 but I managed to get myself there, did an hours session and honestly I felt so good for it.


I turned up to work early, my official start time is 9:00 but by this time I had my inbox sorted, my to do list written and I was ready to start the day.


Every lunch time at work I go from sitting at my desk to sitting in the seating area and back to sitting at my desk again but after my early start I felt like I could do anything. I even went for a walk on my lunch and for another one with my dogs after work.


It’s so true when people say you can think so much clearer in the morning. I’ve never known if it was true before as I’d never given myself the chance to find out. I just assumed I wouldn’t like getting up early so I just never made myself. I’d snooze for as long as I could get away with and then spend my whole morning feeling unorganised and half asleep as I hadn’t given myself enough time to fully wake up.


Now I know that giving myself a little extra time in the morning can completely change my whole day and I try not to miss a gym session now as well. Although I can’t say I’ll never hit the snooze button again I do know that I’ll try not to do it as often from now on.


Also if any of you are thinking of starting with a personal trainer then I’d 100% recommend Jack. He has not just helped with my fitness but he’s also really helped with my confidence both in the gym and in everyday life. He really does know what he’s talking about when it comes to exercise and is always going on courses to better his knowledge. Take a look at his Instagram if you’re interested.


P.S. Happy Easter!

Doing a fitness post on the day where it’s acceptable to eat your body weight in chocolate…I don’t think I thought that one through




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